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    A Day in the Life of a Debut Author

    So, you want to know what a burgeoning author does during a typical day? Are you sure? All right. Fine. You asked for it. (This is where I place a disclaimer stating that if you are easily bored or fall asleep while reading, continue at your own risk.) I’d like to say that I spend all day long perched before my trusty laptop sipping coffee while birds chirp outside my window. I’d also like to tell you I have a housekeeper who comes in every week and thoroughly scrubs my beautiful, luxurious home and a nanny who arrives each morning to make breakfast and leaves every night after making dinner.…

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    How I Got Here (or How Twitter Changed my Life)

    Edits are underway. The cover art should begin in approximately 4 weeks. There are book signings to schedule and gift baskets to organize for raffles. These and a hundred other things are all parading through my mind as I prepare for one of the most exciting moments of my life…the birth of my book, “Haunting”. As I take a much needed break from reviewing edits from my incredibly brilliant editor, Jennifer, I look back at the last few years and remember how I got here. The year 2009 was rough. But I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and began to do something I hadn’t done in years – write.…

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