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    I am Not a Bestselling Author – But I am a Success

    Far too often, people consistently look back at their lives and focus on the wrong things. They dwell on abuse, financial pitfalls, break-ups, or just the unfairness of life in general. I know. I’ve gotten hung up on every single one of those things myself. But over the years, I learned a valuable lesson. And I’d like to share that with you here. My entire life has been one wrong move after another. In my early years, I made a lot of wrong turns and tended to be rash when making decisions. As I grew older, I tried to rectify that, but it seemed that bad luck just seemed to…

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    Liebster Blog Award and Nominations

    Well, what do you know? I received a Liebster Blog Award! I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my friend & fellow blogger, Stephanie Neighbour, for nominating me. I encourage you all to check out Stephanie‘s blog.  She’s funny and an overall goofball…which I love. Now, here’s how it works: –       I list 11 random facts about myself. –       I’ll answer the 11 questions asked of me by the person who nominated me. –       I will then nominate my 5 picks (normally you’re supposed to choose 11, but I’m a rebel and never follow the rules) for the award along with my 11 questions for them to answer when they…

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