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    Cover Reveal of Haunting, The Dusty Chronicles – Book 1

    I am so proud of this cover and everything it represents. My rural upbringing, the influence it had on my story and the people who helped to make it happen. My name is even on the front which means I wrote it! I hope you all check out tomorrow from time to time to check out when it’s available. The story came from my imagination, but the words came from my heart.

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    A Letter to an 18-Year-Old Me

    Dear BJ, The age of 18 is going to be a rough time for you. Life for any teenager can be hard, but only I can understand how out-of-place you feel in a world that sees you as someone that you’re not. People laugh at your pain and the constant cloud over your head. Unable to express how you truly feel to anyone, you are trapped inside your own mind while the real you is desperately trying to figure out how to exist in this crazy world. I promise you…one day you will find that place. But until you do, you will fail many times in life. Against your better…

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