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    YA is Everywhere

    What books have you read lately? What movies have you seen? Unless you’ve been holed up in a cellar for the past year, there’s a good chance that you ran across a Young Adult novel in one form or another. Mockingjay, Part 1 If I Stay The Maze Runner Divergent The Fault in Our Stars What made all of these books such successful movies? Was it the plot? Was it the characters? What about “Pretty Little Liars”, “The Lying Game”, and “The Carrie Diaries”? All YA novels that were turned into TV shows. Whether it’s through books, movies, television, or even just walking down the street behind a bunch of…

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  • Short Stories

    The Gathering – A Short Story by BJ Sheldon

    I’ve decided to share my first sci-fi short story with all of you. It was a lot of fun to write. It’s a different genre than I’m used to writing, but I guess that’s a good way to stretch my skills as an author. Special thanks to my amazing friend Sean Reischmann for being my beta reader throughout the process. I hope you all enjoy! **************** The Gathering I knew I was dead. I knew from the moment it happened. And yet, almost immediately, time became irrelevant…my existence merely floating from one moment into the next. The seasons changed.  The leaves turned and the ground froze as the snow gradually…